Initiation Geocaching (Quillan)

Let's go for this walk taking you to the top of Couïrou's peak, where a nice panoramic view on Quillan and the surroundings is waiting for you.

I will guide you through a world treasure hunt called Geocaching on the way, a fun way to discover the history of the ancient blacksmith shop in Quillan.

What's Geocaching ? The purpose of the game is to find "geocaches", some boxes (sometimes with "treasures" inside) hidden by other gamers at a precise location that you have to reach.

Bring a small object (pin, key ring, figurine, sticker...) so that you can exchange it with one of the "treasures".

This walk is achievable by everyone and children love it ! The path winds in the wood in a gentle slope and two options are possible to go back down (return via the same path or via a more technical one).

  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Min altitude : 285 m
  • Average duration (including breaks) : 2h
  • Max altitude : 450 m
  • Distance : 4,5 kms
  • Type of hike : Loop or linear
  • Positive / negative elevation : 150 m
  • Location : Quillan

Balade secrète

What if you decide to go for the unknown, just for a few hours ? 

Laissez vous porter par cette balade hors des sentiers battus, facile, mais qui nécessite de « bartasser » un peu (traversées de ruisseau, faufilement entre les branches, marche sur les rochers…)

Be rewarded by a magic and calm place to enjoy, and why not to take a dip ? But I don't want to say too much...

The only promise to fulfill is to keep the secret of this preserved place... Shh, this a secret...

  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Min altitude : 390 m
  • Average duration (including breaks) : 1h30-2h
  • Max altitude : 450 m
  • Distance : 3 kms
  • Type of hike : Linear
  • Positive / negative elevation : 90 m
  • Location : 10 kms from Quillan

Belvédère du Diable (Belvianes)

This walk to the "belvédère du Diable" offers a stunning view on the Pierre Lys gorges that used to be impassable before a path was dug into the rock to open up the area.

Après avoir marché dans les petites ruelles de Cavirac et traversé le fleuve Aude pour rejoindre Belvianes, nous cheminerons sur un sentier jusqu’à l’entrée des gorges. De là haut, vous apercevrez peut être les raftings naviguant sur les flots tumultueux, les grimpeurs escaladant l’impressionnante paroi de l’Echine du Diable, ou les vautours fauves qui nichent dans les falaises.

This walk is accessible to many and combines walk on the villages' alleys and on a gravel path : some short stretches are uphill but nothing difficult.

Difficult way (optional) : An optional loop in the forest is possible to get an even more exceptional panorama and access the lookout by the top. This path is technical and exposed to heights in some areas, the ascent is quite long and the descent is steep and rugged. Add about half an hour, 1,5 kms and 200m of positive/negative elevation if you choose this option.

  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Min altitude : 315 m
  • Average duration (including breaks) : 1h30-2h
  • Max altitude : 440 m
  • Distance : 5 kms
  • Type of hike : Linear
  • Positive / negative elevation : 140 m
  • Location : Belvianes

Falaises de Campagne

Campagne sur Aude is a small village known for his templar fort (circular castle still visible) and for his important paleontological site.

We will walk in a few streets of the village and then head towards the overlooking cliffs, goal of our expedition.

Once up there, the view is very nice and the walk on the grassy plateau easy, sometimes a bit windy. Going back down, we will view those beautiful cliffs from the bottom and walk along them for a while, before returning to the starting point.

A nice and non technical walk with only the first part uphill, quickly forgotten once up there !

  • Difficulty : Medium
  • Min altitude : 250 m
  • Average duration (including breaks) : 2h
  • Max altitude : 450 m
  • Distance : 6 kms
  • Type of hike : Loop
  • Positive / negative elevation : 250 m
  • Location : Campagne sur Aude

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