Hi, I'm Lucile !

  • Qualified guide to take you hiking.
  • Certifications : BTS Tourism & professional degree in outdoor activities (animation, management, organization)
  • 7 years guiding outdoor activities (kayaking, treetop adventure, hiking, diving...)
  • In France and around the world (Thaïland, Australia, Guadeloupe...)
  • I can speak english ! (with a french accent of course)
  • People often say I'm : a curious adventurer and nature lover
  • Strengths : educative view, adaptability
  • Weaknesses : I'm totaly unable to skip stones... 😉
  • I love to : walk and camp in nature, share my passion for the outdoors.
  • Favourite quote : « Loin dans le marais, un chat, A levé sa queue tout droit, Regarde: l’aventure, c’est par là. »
  • My 1st adventure : build a raft at 12 years old and float down the river of my childhood.
  • My latest adventures :
  • Canoeing down the river "Leyre" (70 kms in autonomy).
  • Hiking across Dominica (a caribbean island in between Guadeloupe and Martinique) : 10 days solo trek, about 150 kms and 8000m of total elevation gain.
  • Travel the west coast of Corsica seakayaking.

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